To copyright holders
All of the material on both this site and the YouTube channel connected to it is intended for educational purposes only, and neither now nor ever will it cost anything. All transcriptions are made personally by me by ear; there has been no use of books, e-books or other published materials that is copyrighted.

My interpretation of U.S. Copyright Law (Section 107), UK Copyright Law (P-27: "Using the work of others"), The Swedish Copyright Legislation (Article 14 & Article 42c) and many other international legislations that I have read leads me to the conclusion that I am not breaking the law. It is my impression that the content I provide falls under the categories "fair use", "educational purposes" and "non-commercial".

"How can you call your site non-commercial when you have advertisements?" Yes, I do have three ads on this website (but none on YouTube), however the site is still not commercial in my opinion. All the nonprofit organizations that I know of still earn enough to get by and cover their expenses without being called commerial. The small amount of money I may someday recieve from ads will go to maintaining the website, paying for the domain, web hosting and other expenses that is related to keeping the channel running. If you look up the word "commercial" in a dictionary it says having profit as a main goal and other explanations revolving selling/buying, but since my lessons and papers are free that is not the case in my opinion. And since all the big sites with hundreds of thousands of transcriptions are being allowed to stay up, with lots of advertisements that result in big income and at times even with the use of original copyrighted books for that matter, it only empowers my belief that this small site the way I do it is okay in comparison.

However if you are a copyright holder and feel that I am infringing the copyright law, please send me an email to, following these instructions by which you clearly state the sufficient and specific information that is needed for me to take it serious, including the following:

• Who you are
• What or who you represent
• How you can be contacted
• Which material you are objecting to
• Which part of which legislation you believe I am violating

If you follow these steps properly then I will guarantee you an answer shortly thereafter. If everything checks out and both your claim and information is valid, then I will oblige and no further actions will be necessary for me to remove the specified content. I will also apologize deeply for uploading them in the first place and being wrong thinking I had the right to.

//Kind regards, Robert