Maybe you have suggestions for improvements on either the website or the videos that you would like to share with me. I would also appreciate getting mails about all kinds of mistakes; for example if I missed a note when transcribing, wrote an incorrect timestamp, misspelled words, showed wrong chord in the chord box, links that isn't working, files that are missing, something that looks incorrect on the browser so you suspect compatibility problems, et cetera.
For matters like these:


I take requests, but I only write down the ones made by subscribers, which atleast makes sense for me since a push of a button is a small favour compared to me spending countless hours both learning songs and making tutorials. So the way my system works is that I save all requests on a list, and each month I take the top four songs on the list and make a monthly vote here on the website (at the moment I have one list for each instrument and alternate them on the vote). The songs that doesn't win the vote is then put at the bottom of the list so that they will get a new chance later on. But until then I sometimes upload the songs that doesn't win on Ultimate Guitar instead, and a few times I even do tutorials on them outsides the voting system. You can send the requests either through YouTube, mail or facebook. And if you want me to tell you when something happens with your request that's no problem, just let me know and I will save your name and contact information.
     Besides song requests I'm always happy to help my subscribers either if you get stuck learning a song from one of my tutorials or need other music-related help or tips, and occasionally I also do follow-up videos if it's needed. Of course it's hard for me to check since many people have their subscriptions and feed hidden, so I'll simply assume people respect this, and if you think about it then it really doesn't make sense anyway that you aren't subscribed if you like my channel enough to wish for uploads.
For matters like these:

Copyright issues

If you are a copyright holder and object to any content on either this site or the YouTube channel, click on this link and follow the appropriate instructions that is given to you along with the email address. I urge you to start by reading the information further up on the page before you proceed with the actual mailing. If you do this then I promise to take your mail seriously, and the issue will probably be sorted out without having any complications. However if you don't follow these simple and justified instructions, or if you aren't even a copyright holder of any of the uploaded content, then your email will be ignored.

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