An excellent place for beginners learning guitar or ukulele. They have a wide variety of useful articles with content like how to learn chords, basic strumming techniques, practice routines, exercises and much more. Pretty soon you'll be jamming out with your friends around a campfire! · Link ·


The software suite for ear training and practical music theory! EarMaster is available in three editions to meet the needs of all musicians, music students and music educators. It's interactive, intuitive and easy to use, making ear training both efficient and fun! Ear training is the key to playing by ear, improvising, singing in pitch, and transcribing music. With EarMaster, you will be able to practice with intervals, chords, scales, cadences, melodies and rhythms. · Link ·

Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse by David Lucas Burge has been the #1 best-selling ear training method for 30 years, and is now a classic. Independent studies at Ohio State University and the University of Calgary has proven the authenticity of the course, and personally I've made progress since starting, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. Perfect Pitch is a truly phenomenal ability, and combined with good Relative Pitch it gives you an edge over other musicians! Click here for more information, but if you wanna order please use this link instead so I get credit for the referral!

Virtual Piano

This Virtual Piano is designed by CMAGICS to enable you to play the Piano on your computer online. It has 61 keys with a sound that closely resemble that of an actual piano; as well as a menu with features like sustain, record keys, key assist and styles. · Link ·

Metronome Online

This is an online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music, it helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections and it is always available for free to all students of music! · Link ·


This site has free and complete courses on how to read sheet music. They are good and well structured, with focus on making it both simple and fun to learn. · Link ·

Music Education Online

This is the website of Children's Music Workshop; they have lots of music education resources such as books, programs, school-site music instruction, articles, information, useful links et cetera. · Link ·
My personal favourite resource that many of my students have used is Note Trainer, which is an online program that helps you to practice the notes positions on different clefs.

A-Z Lyrics Universe

This is one of the two best sites for lyrics in my opinion, no annoying popups and good quality. The downsides is that it mostly has decently famous artists, and the print function turns out wierd so it's not the best option when you need something fast. But as a rule I always search here first because of the quality and style of the lyrics. · Link ·


And this is the other one, when it comes to finding more rare songs then this is better, but the quality on the lyrics isn't always as good as on A-Z Lyrics Universe. The print function is also nice if you need something fast, and looks better on paper then it does from A-Z Lyrics Universe. · Link ·


This is a community where musicians and music lovers contribute lyrics, shares thoughts and discusses interpretations. It's also a good place to connect over songs and artists, or float away in philosophical conversations. In my opinion it's important to understand what a song is about when you're going to record or perform it, which this site is excellent for. · Link ·

Tap for Beats Per Minute (

When I transcribe music I always start by determining the key and tempo of a song, and this is the site I use for the latter. It's both easy to use and very accurate. · Link ·


Here you can loop a specific part of a video, which is done by copying a youtube video id into a box and selecting the part. This can be good if you for example wanna practice along with a demonstration, sing along or repeat a strumming pattern. The video id is the part of the link following "v=". · Link ·

This is by far the largest site for chords and tablatures with transcriptions for guitar, bass and ukulele. It's said to have over 300.000 uploads! · Link ·
To come straight to my own uploads with many songs not added on YouTube instead click here.